Thank you to everyone for your continued support in these challenging times

We wanted to tell you what we’ve been doing to make sure our voice continues to be heard.


We know that we cannot go back to the world as it was before COVID-19. The pandemic has highlighted the pressing need for human and veterinary medicine to collaborate and share knowledge if we are to successfully tackle the enormous future challenges we will face together. We know this will not be our last pandemic.


Lockdown may have changed the landscape but we haven’t let it stop us using our voice for human and animal health. Humanimal Trust has continued to drive medical collaboration through our five areas of charity activity:

  • Increased awareness and improved understanding – whilst summer events and community talks have been cancelled, we have given talks using Zoom, and continued to be represented where conferences have gone ahead virtually. The Pledge campaign, introducing our work to many, continues online to raise awareness of the benefits of One Medicine.


  • Facilitating collaboration providing opportunities for professionals to come together – the Humanimal Hub continues steadily to grow and develop, with human, veterinary medical and research professionals joining from all over the world to explore the opportunities represented by One Medicine.


  • Inspiring everyone through education for the benefit of future generations of humans and animals – for now we have paused our programme of University visits and talks, focusing on work with younger age groups, creating challenges shortly to be launched that can be undertaken at home to inspire and open young minds to how the similarities between humans and other species can be studied to help us all.


  • Funding, facilitating and sharing research – we continue to fund research that builds the evidence base for One Medicine, sharing relevant articles and research through the Humanimal Hub and our social media platforms.


  • We work to influence legislative, policy and practice change as we grow our network within human and veterinary medicine and research, we invite those from relevant specialist backgrounds to join our Humanimal Hub and our Panel of Experts.


We have changed the way we work but we are as passionate as ever. Your continued support has ensured we can progress and develop, spreading the One Medicine word to new audiences and reaching those who can be the difference for future generations. As we face uncertain times together, we ask you to remember us, when fundraising has been severely impacted and could mean we need to significantly reduce our activity moving forward.


Now is the time to recognise the role One Medicine will play in saving time, saving money and saving lives worldwide.


Thank you so much.