Sign The Humanimal Trust Pledge for One Medicine Today

Humanimal Trust believes humans and animals should have better opportunities to benefit equitably from medical progress because vets, doctors and researchers routinely collaborate and share. 

This is One Medicine.

Add your voice to the growing global community calling for sustainable and equal medical progress without the need to involve the death of an animal.


The Humanimal Pledge for One Medicine

One Team, One Dream, One Medicine.

  • I pledge to champion One Medicine.
  • I want human and veterinary medicine to collaborate for all people and all animals.
  • I want regulatory bodies to actively support One Medicine.
  • I want to help make animal testing obsolete by supporting its replacement, reduction and refinement.
  • I want reciprocity – both humans and animals should benefit from sustainable medical progress.


Why sign the Pledge?

  • One Medicine recognises that progress in both human and veterinary medicine depends on sharing technologies and research that recognise overlapping biological characteristics.
  • Technological advances in the diagnosis and analysis of naturally occurring disease mean that for the first time in history the end point of the study of disease does not need to be death.
  • A two-way street between human and veterinary medicine is both possible and necessary for humans and animals to benefit equitably from cutting edge advances.
  • Most current laboratory animal testing is for the sole, often arguable benefit of humans and not the animal concerned or its species.
  • Too little is invested in developing treatments for animals. If veterinary clinical trials were linked to human drug development, resources could be saved and treatments developed more quickly for both humans and animals.

What happens when I sign the Pledge?

  • By signing the Pledge for One Medicine you are making a commitment to promote and encourage others to engage with One Medicine.
  • You will be given the opportunity to stay in touch with Humanimal Trust but you are not required to do this in order to sign the Pledge.
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