Impact Reports

Impact Report - Ten Years of One Medicine

Welcome to our 10th Anniversary impact report – an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved since Professor Noel Fitzpatrick's gem of an idea took its first steps as Humanimal Trust in May 2014. This is our fourth impact report; the first celebrated the seven years from 2014-2021; the subsequent two focused on 2021/2 and 2022/3, respectively. Now, we mark ten years of effort, determination, success, and learning. We want to share the One Medicine story and our renewed focus and momentum. Our next ten years will demonstrate how One Medicine can deliver an impactful, practical approach to research and practice collaboration, coal-face delivery, and reciprocal real-time benefit to both human and animal patients.

Built around our five work streams embodied by our I-CARE mantra (Influence, Collaboration, Awareness, Research and Education), this report describes our objectives, progress, achievements, and aspirations. We are proud of how far we have come since 2014, but will never rest on our laurels. We are still a young, small, developing charity with a firm foundation and a powerful vision. What we have already achieved is thanks to the hard work and dedication of staff and the donations and voluntary support we receive from so many people, but there is always more to do. This report marks the start of the next phase of our story – it's time to connect, time to innovate, and time to act for One Medicine.  


Impact Report 2022

We believe that education is the key to One Medicine. Only by learning about the similarities between humans and animals from the earliest stage, to collaboration in the most advanced science and clinical practice, will we change the for good. For that to happen we must ensure that the best research, clinical practice and learning, benefiting both humans and animals, are funded, encouraged and promoted. The past year has given us a chance to regroup, refocus and renew our commitment. We are determined that the next year and beyond will see One Medicine move firmly into the mainstream of consciousness, research and clinical practice. To our tireless staff, volunteers, supporters, advisors and not least my fellow trustees – thank you.



Impact Report 2014-2021

This report describes our successes from the first seven years of the charity, as well as the things we could have done better and our targets for the future. In the future we aim to produce an annual impact report alongside our annual review and financial report – with periodic special updates for our supporters. It outlines our strategic aims for each of our five work streams (awareness, collaboration, education, research, influence), our short-term objectives for each, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we use to track our performance.

We are proud of our achievements so far, but we are also aware of the challenges of raising income in difficult times to allow us to do as much as we would like. We are still a young, small, developing charity. We have a firm foundation, a powerful vision and have achieved a great deal thanks to the donations and voluntary support we receive from so many generous and kind people, but there is always more to do than there are funds or people to do it. 

Humanimal Trust Timeline Graphic  2014-2021