Humanimal Connection Podcasts

As part of our seventh anniversary celebrations in 2021, we launched our new podcast, The Humanimal Connection

The podcast series has been developed for anyone who wishes to see a fairer deal in medical advances for both humans and animals, and consists of an initial series of seven episodes to coincide with our anniversary. In them, we discuss One Medicine approaches in areas such as treating injured terrestrial and marine wildlife, sustainability and mental health.

Following on from the first podcast series, The Humanimal Connection Series 2 is our new monthly 10-part podcast series. We look back in history at how our relationship with animals has evolved, the central issue of ethics, and the boundaries and borders of legislation and change advocacy.

It also uncovers the divide in our current education system between human and animal medicine, as well as featuring regular items and updates on the rapid advances and discoveries in science that are bringing about positive change for all species.

Each episode is presented by new host, Jane Davidson (known to many as ‘Jane RVN’), a regular columnist for Vet Times and an avid YouTuber who is currently studying for a PhD in the History of Veterinary Legislation. Throughout the series, which is aimed at a general audience as well as professionals, Jane is joined by academics, scientists, practitioners and professionals from across the fields of human and animal medicine.

You can also find our podcasts on iROAR  by clicking here.

The Humanimal Connection Podcast Series 1
The Humanimal Connection Podcast Series 2