Our Stance on Animal Testing

We believe a world is possible, where humans and animals benefit equally and at the same time from advances in medicine. This is reciprocity.

We believe that equitable advances in both human and animal medicine can be achieved more quickly, if there is closer collaboration and mutually beneficial learning. This is One Medicine. We believe and advocate that this approach will lead to progressively fewer animal tests until one day they become obsolete.

We believe in sponsoring only research that helps - and learns from - animals being treated for naturally occurring disease – not the use of experimental animal models.

We believe that technological advances in the diagnosis and analysis of naturally occurring disease mean that for the first time in history the end point of the study of disease does not need to involve the death of an animal.

Even with experimental therapies, such as for cancer, if we share what we already know from veterinary clinical practice and consensual clinical trials with animals, we have the potential to save the lives of both humans and animals without the need to sacrifice a healthy animal’s life.

However, there are still too few validated non-animal test alternatives for assessing safety of new drugs and medical devices for human use and laboratory animal testing is still required by Law. This has to change. Our intent is that with One Medicine such testing will become obsolete. 

In the meantime, we are committed to - and strongly advocate investment in - the 3 R’s: a reduction in animal testing, refinement and replacement of animal tests wherever possible. We also believe in a fourth R: reciprocity. Most current animal testing is for the sole, often arguable benefit of humans and not the animal concerned or its species.

Currently too little is invested in developing treatments for animals. If veterinary clinical trials were linked to human drug development, resources could be saved and treatments developed more quickly for both humans and animals.

We believe that if we miss this opportunity, we will all pay the price in wasted time, wasted money and the wasted lives of both humans and animals.

The World We Want to See in the Future…

  • Human and animal health have demonstrably improved as a result of One Medicine.
  • One Medicine is widely understood and embraced.
  • Collaboration between human and animal medicine is the norm.
  • There is sufficient funding and robust public policy to support collaboration between human and animal medicine.
  • There is no scientific need and no legal requirement for laboratory animal testing.


If you agree and want to help us to make animal testing obsolete by supporting its reduction, refinement and replacement through collaboration and reciprocity, you can add your voice to the growing global community calling for sustainable and equal medical progress - but not at the expense of an animal's life.

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