Emotional Wellness Support for Young People - Rest Easy Method

We all know that life can have its ups & downs, so it is essential that we look after our mental wellbeing to ensure we’re able to navigate difficult situations with awareness & resilience. Humanimal Trust has teamed up with Rest Easy Method to create a number of downloadable resources, aimed at supporting young people in recognising and managing their emotional wellbeing, and that of others, across species.

The Rest Easy Method helps people to develop their emotional intelligence & encourage them to feel mentally well by offering practical tools for managing negative thoughts & feelings until they pass.  The method uses the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, DBT & life coaching to provide simple techniques for recognising uncomfortable emotions in ourselves and in others.  It teaches the ability to let go of unwanted thoughts & replace them with more positive, empowering ones, as well as considering how to support others. 

Having a healthy, balanced mindset provides the platform for solution-based thinking which reduces stress, anxiety & low mood.  The self-help resources below are designed to help you reflect on the positives in life & encourage you to be more present in the moment.  We hope you enjoy using them and they bring you peace of mind.