Humanimal Hub

The Humanimal Hub is an online forum - a vital, interactive space that is free to join and use, where leading minds in human and animal medicine can meet, collaborate, initiate and share knowledge and research, driving forward closer cooperation for the benefit of humans and animals.

Watch our Humanimal Hub Introduction video to find out more. 

You can join or login via the button below, or alternatively, download the Humanimal Hub app for Apple and Android devices, available via the App Store and Google Play.

What is the Humanimal Hub for?

We are creating a destination - first online and eventually physical - where human and veterinary medical professionals can:

  • Meet, discuss matters affecting human and animal health, share knowledge and collaborate,
  • Visit a market place of ideas and inspiration,
  • Find professional ‘matches’ with those sharing similar interests, challenges or ideas,
  • Set up an online meeting or debate,
  • Start a working relationship,
  • Share research in progress; promote research opportunities,
  • Participate in case-study compilation and reviewed dissemination,
  • Find and share relevant events taking place,
  • Offer or seek funding,
  • Access Humanimal Trust support and advice on grant applications, joint bids, or bidding with you or on your behalf,
  • Engage the next generation of scientists, vets, doctors and researchers,
  • Help or jointly develop training material for One Medicine professionals (CPD) and pedagogical resources for school-targeted educational presentations,
  • Develop a pool of content that can be used in support of legislative and policy change.

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