Humanimal Trust Creative Awards 2023

Calling all 7-18 yr olds!

Human and animal lives are so closely interlinked. We share our homes, our lives, our struggles, world resources and care for each other. What better time than now to share the power of that connectivity? At Humanimal Trust we are striving to build a bridge to create this connectivity between doctors, vets, allied professionals and researchers to work together for the benefit of all species, One Medicine.  The amazing connections between humans and animals, not only how our lives are so closely intertwined but also the physical and emotional similarities and links between us all should be celebrated.  

In celebration of this connectivity, we are launching our first Creative Award on the theme of this year’s British Science Week 2023, of Connections. In this competition you can share, using your creativity, your thoughts, images and examples of that wonderful bond between us and our animals.  

We want you to share, using all your creative skills, your thoughts and images on the wonderful bond between us and the animals we share this planet with. So whether you are a writer, artist, photographer or film director we have a category for you to enter, and Awards entries are welcome from supporters all over the world!


Who are Humanimal Trust?   

We are a charity based in the UK working towards One Medicine.  What is that you might ask?

We want to create a world where both humans and animals have better opportunities to benefit equally from medical progress.  We can achieve this when vets, doctors, allied professionals and researchers routinely collaborate and connect with each other to share information, resources and studies. This will be done in a sustainable way, medical progress for all, but not at the expense of an animal’s life. – this is One Medicine.

Can you imagine how great that would be, for us, the rest of animal kind and the world?  


How will entries be judged?

Entries will be split into age four groups, 7-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-16 years, 17-18 years, at the time of closing date.

Your entry will be judged on how original your creation is, the relevance to the theme of  Connectivity and/or One Medicine, and the use of story writing, poetic, artistic, photographic or videographic techniques for each entry. This will decide a first, second and third place for each age group.  

We have 3 guest judges who will have the task of picking a winner from each of the age catagories. 

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick will judge the 7-11 years and 12-14 years entries.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is an advanced orthopaedic and neurological veterinary surgeon based in the UK.  He is also known as the Supervet from the popular Channel 4 TV show.  

In 2005 he founded Fitzpatrick Referrals and his vision was to create an environment where veterinary medicine would combine with compassionate care.    Fitzpatrick Referrals is known throughout the UK for both its excellent care and innovative solutions for the companion animals who need their help.

In May 2014 Humanimal Trust was established by Professor Fitzpatrick. As a vet he personally experienced the deep divide between human and animal medicine and saw how unfair this was. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to share what he was learning from day to day veterinary practice, or to benefit from relevant learning from human medicine, he decided to create the platform himself.   Since those beginnings, the Trust has started to establish a powerful evidence base and to build understanding of both the principle and the potential of One Medicine. 

Christopher Lloyd will judge the 14-16 years entries.

Christopher Lloyd is a journalist, presenter, publisher, and best-selling author. He co-founded What on Earth Publishing, along with illustrator Andy Forshaw, as he wanted to try and help young people (and adults) learn in a more interconnected way and appreciate that the real world is way more amazing than anything you can make up. Chris divides his time between running the company, writing, speaking (at schools and literary festivals) and giving lectures all over the world.

Nancy Feresten will judge the 17-18 years entries.

Nancy Feresten is the publisher and editor-in-chief at What on Earth Publishing. She has spent more than 30 years developing children's nonfiction content across publishing, media, and events and is devoted to engaging young people’s natural enthusiasm for fun, surprising information and emotionally compelling true stories, which she hopes will inspire them to find out more.  Nancy lives near Washington, DC, in the USA.