Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

Founder and Trustee, Duniv MVB CertVR DSAO ACVSMR MRCVS

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is an orthopaedic/neuro veterinary surgeon recognised and respected globally as a leader in his field of expertise.

He is Managing Director of Fitzpatrick Referrals, a specialist veterinary referral hospital employing more than 250 staff which he established over ten years ago, and operates from two centres in Surrey. He is also a founding partner of Surrey University’s school of veterinary medicine and has been instrumental in bringing the concept of One Medicine to the fore in the UK.

Noel founded Humanimal Trust in 2014. As a vet he experienced personally the deep divide between human and animal medicine and saw how unfair this was. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to share what he was learning from day to day practice, or to benefit from relevant learning from human medicine, he decided to create the platform himself.