#StrongerTogether Photo Competition!

Human and animal lives are intrinsically linked; we share our planet, our resources and we rely on one another. In these unprecedented times when better to show the wonderful power of collaboration?

In celebration of the incredible bond we share, we’re launching a very special photo competition for you to share YOUR examples of how humans and animals are #StrongerTogether.

We want to see everyday examples of working together to make something happen – big or small - we’d like to see pictures of Mum and Dad sharing the washing up; your two dogs helping each other to carry a big stick; friends playing online; you buying the groceries for your neighbour; your toddler and your dog digging a hole...!

Just as we are all #StrongerTogether in what we do every day -  human and veterinary medicine can achieve so much more together for humans and animals through collaboration.

10 winners will each receive a mini animal hamper worth approximately £20 and from within their top 10 winners, the judging panel will decide upon a Grand Winner, winning a Grand Prize animal hamper worth around £100!

We can't wait to see your photos!

For further details and how to enter please