Research Project Launched at University of Glasgow funded by The Humanimal Trust

The Humanimal Trust is delighted to announce that we have started funding a project with reciprocity in mind, giving back to animals what they have helped give to humans.

This project with the University of Glasgow aims to develop a rapid blood test that can potentially avoid the need for invasive biopsy procedures for dogs. This test would focus on the detection of specific cancer markers in blood samples to diagnose certain categories of cancer and determine its exact type, in order to select the most effective treatment option for the patient.

When cells die, their genetic material (DNA) is released into the bloodstream. This DNA can then be tested for specific changes associated with particular cancers. This project is working to optimise the technique for use in dogs after the successful development of similar blood profiling to diagnose and monitor human cancers.

If a reliable blood test for the diagnosis of specific cancer types can be developed it will improve the treatment of cancer by enhancing diagnostic accuracy and enabling easy monitoring. Ultimately, the availability of better diagnostic and monitoring tests will improve the prognosis for canine cancer patients in the same way that it has for humans.

The Humanimal Trust is committed to advocating for Reciprocity, ensuring that animals have access to benefit from developments made in the human medical world.