Paws for a Picnic to support human and animal health this One Medicine Day

This Friday is One Medicine Day, a day when we celebrate the opportunities that exist for human and animal medicine to collaborate and share knowledge, ideas and challenges so that patients, regardless of their species, can benefit from sustainable and equal medical progress.

We share so much with animals, and with technological advances achieved in medicine, we are working to help make animal testing obsolete, scientifically unnecessary so that once it’s gone, animal testing is gone forever.

As we approach the summer, with temperatures warming up and parks and gardens bloom once more, will you take time to celebrate all of those you love, of all species, supporting equal and sustainable medical progress for us all, helping to make animal testing obsolete?

Will you take time to raise funds for One Medicine, to Paws for a Picnic?

For inspiration for activities and recipes for your picnic, please click here