One Medicine Day 2022 Seminar - Together we can build a humane society for humans and animals

Last year saw Humanimal Trust hold our inaugural Symposium with the theme ‘Stronger Together’ which brought together medical professionals and researchers for a day of shared learning. One of the outputs from the event was the creation of a roadmap for Humanimal Trust’s vision of One Medicine which identified key signposts as awareness, collaboration and change.

This theme was picked up in our 2022 One Medicine Day Seminar with a variety of speakers and, once more, attended by professionals and students from varied backgrounds in human and animal health, and from all over the world.

We are extremely grateful to all of our speakers who supported the event with their participation, and to all who joined us on the day. Our special thanks goes to our passionate and committed team of volunteers for generously donating their time and skills, making it possible for the event to take place.

Fundamentally, in order to successfully meet the healthcare challenges faced by both humans and animals, we will need to work together, utilising all of our skills, knowledge and ideas together with agile approaches and regulations. If we can harness the collaborative power of One Medicine, to create, foster and forge such collaborations, then together we can build a humane society which will deliver reciprocity, mutual benefit, to both humans and animals.

For further details of the Seminar speakers, a summary of what was discussed on the day, and to view recordings of each talk, please click here.