One Donation, Twice the Impact this Christmas!

Support Humanimal Trust with a donation during this week (ending midday Tuesday 7 December) via our Christmas Challenge Campaign link below and your donation will be DOUBLED!

                                       One Donation, Twice the Impact

                             This Christmas we need your support to raise the ambitious total of £20,800 to
                                                       Help Make Animal Testing Obsolete.

We want a world with fairer medical progress, where all humans and animals benefit equally and at the same time from medical advances. Let's learn by sharing knowledge and collating data from treating naturally occurring disease rather than testing on animals.

By working together in medical science - across both human and veterinary medicine - we believe we'll need fewer and fewer laboratory animal tests until one day they are unnecessary - benefitting individuals of all species, all over the world.

                                                 Help us. Help them.
                                   Help Make Animal Testing Obsolete.

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