Landmark step forward for One Medicine as Humanimal Hub is launched

Humanimal Trust has launched a ground-breaking digital platform to drive collaboration between doctors, vets and researchers worldwide: The Humanimal Hub.

Advances in both human and veterinary medicine can be achieved more quickly, if there is closer collaboration and mutual learning. This is One Medicine.

The Humanimal Hub is the culmination of a long-term plan to demonstrate the ethos of One Medicine in real time, bringing together all those with a professional and/or academic interest from the worlds of both human and veterinary medicine, to meet, talk, share, learn and collaborate. The Hub will become the go-to destination and online centre of excellence for One Medicine.

One Medicine asserts that progress in both human and veterinary medicine depends on sharing know-how, technologies and research that recognise overlapping biological characteristics. As far back as Aristotle in Ancient Greece, convergence between human and animal physiology was a normal part of science. Divergence began in the nineteenth century but an increasing focus on the welfare, rights and conservation of animals in recent times has led to renewed interest.

Human and veterinary healthcare can and should advance hand in hand and not at the expense of an animal’s life. Technological advances in the diagnosis and analysis of naturally occurring disease in humans and animals mean that for the first time in history the end point of the study of disease does not need to be death. A two-way street between human and veterinary medicine is both possible and necessary for humans and animals to benefit equitably from cutting edge advances. Humanimal Trust believes and advocates that this approach will lead to progressively fewer laboratory animal tests until one day they become obsolete.

The Humanimal Hub will offer human and veterinary medical professionals the opportunity to meet, discuss matters affecting human and animal health, share knowledge and collaborate. They will be able to visit a market place of ideas and inspiration and access a growing library of resources on One Medicine, One Health and related issues. In time, it is envisaged that the Hub will foster opportunities for funding partnerships and applications, supported or funded as appropriate by Humanimal Trust.


Humanimal Trust Chairman, Professor La Ragione commented:

“This is a significant moment for Humanimal Trust and for One Medicine. We already know there is a growing interest in more sustainable, mutually beneficial and equitable approaches to the present and future health of both humans and animals. The Humanimal Hub allows us to engage directly and foster opportunities for networks, learning and collaboration. It is a practical contribution to bridging the long-established chasm between human and veterinary medicine – fostering the right conversations between the right people.

Vets and doctors often treat the same common health problems in their patients, from cancer, to pain management, to obesity and diabetes. For some clinical innovations, such as stem cell therapies, veterinary medicine has progressed more rapidly than human medicine. Whereas for others, such as cancer treatments, animal patients often miss out. Of course, not all human and animal health issues align, but there is so much we could be learning from each other. To me, it just makes sense to explore some of these problems together.

Our absolute determination is that this will save time, save money and save the lives of both humans and animals.”


While targeted at professionals in human and veterinary medical worlds, such as vets, doctors, scientists, bioscientists and academics, it will also encourage engagement with nurses, pharmacists, health and social care staff, and educators with an interest in learning about or advocating One Medicine.

To join the Humanimal Hub, a simple on-line sign-up procedure allows users to note their areas of interest and access the growing One Medicine network of people, resources and ideas from round the world.