Humanimal Trustees take a stand to raise awareness for One Medicine in medical journal

Trustee Mike Uglow (consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the University Hospital Southampton) has collaborated with our founder Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Professor Gordon Blunn (President of the British Orthopaedic Research Society) to formally represent The Humanimal Trust to challenge an article published in the July 2016 edition of The Bone and Joint Journal (BJJ).

The article was a study from The Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University; The Osseointegration Group of Australia Accelerated Protocol (OGAAP-1) for two-stage osseointegrated reconstruction of amputated limbs.

Read the article published in the BJJ from The Australian School of Advanced Medicine.

Orthopaedics is one of the five key areas recognised for its One Medicine potential by The Humanimal Trust and as such the article was reviewed by the charity with great interest.

The Humanimal Trust believes this subject to be a missed opportunity for the sharing of scientific data currently available from present veterinary clinical work.

As a key strategic objective to raise Awareness and drive Collaboration, The Humanimal Trust submitted a formal challenge. This challenge has gone on to be published in the August edition of the publication.

Read the Humanimal Trust Trustees' challenge to the BJJ Article.

Driving awareness demonstrates the need for change and inspires hearts and minds.

Without collaboration of veterinary and medical professions, effort is wasted and there are unnecessary delays in progress, for humans AND animals. One Medicine is the most ethical solution for the next century but change needs to start today.