The Humanimal Trust driving awareness at the highest level

In June written evidence into Regenerative Medicine was submitted by The Humanimal Trust to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry. Regenerative Medicine is incredibly important for the future health and well-being of both animals and humans, and may hold the key to curing diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and blindness.

In our submission, we highlighted some of the many ways that studies of veterinary clinical patients could help to advance this innovative field for the benefit of animals and humans alike.

We also called for the existing ‘3 Rs’ of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement to be replaced with the ‘4 Rs’, of ‘Replacement, Reduction Refinement and Reciprocity. Where animals contribute to research as research participants, then animals as well as humans must benefit from the research outcomes.

Read the full submission on the Houses of Parliament website.