The Humanimal Connection Podcast: How human medicine techniques are keeping rhinos charging ahead

PODCAST LAUNCH - The Humanimal Connection – Charging ahead with One Medicine and how this concept is being applied to treat injured endangered wildlife.

As part of our seventh anniversary celebrations, we've launched a new podcast, The Humanimal Connection. 

Developed for those who wish to see a fairer deal in medical advances for both humans and animals, The Humanimal Connection consists of an initial series of seven episodes to coincide with our seventh anniversary this year with a focus on One Medicine approaches in areas such as treating injured terrestrial and marine wildlife, sustainability and mental health.

The first episode, ‘Oneness – How charging ahead with One Medicine will make us all stronger together’ features Professor Roberto La Ragione and Dr Ben Marshall, both Trustees of Humanimal Trust, who explain more about our work and vision of One Medicine.

Joining the podcast from Kruger National Park, South Africa is Dr Johan Marais, Founder of Saving the Survivors, a team of wildlife vets whose mission is to save every animal that has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incident. In the episode, Dr Marais talks about the work of Saving the Survivors and how they have adapted techniques from human medicine to use in the field to treat rhinos with severe facial and gunshot injuries caused by poachers.


Dr Johan Marais, Founder of Saving the Survivors
Dr Johan Marais, Founder of Saving the Survivors

He comments, “The necessity of our work that we do in the field is demonstrated by the shocking fact that on the black market, rhino horn is worth more than the price of gold. The vicious attacks on rhinos by poachers result in serious injuries that our team treats in the field, adapting techniques from human medicine to help save these animals and to create hope from hurt.”

Dr Tracey King, who hosts the podcast, says “It’s been a privilege to speak to guests, such as Dr Johan Marais, who are using One Medicine approaches for their vital work in protecting our endangered wildlife. It demonstrates that One Medicine not only benefits those animals that we share our lives with but also the animals we share our planet with and what could be achieved if human and veterinary medicine were to work side by side with each other in areas of natural convergence. We hope that this podcast will help us to connect with more people who believe that a One Medicine approach is a global necessity.”

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