Facing the present, but building the future together

There is no doubt these are challenging times. We are all coming to terms with unprecedented changes to our day to day lives. Staying connected while remaining safe and doing all we can to help one another, particularly the most vulnerable, is on all our minds.

At times like this, our relationships come into sharp focus: those we are happy to have by our sides as well as those we miss, having to rely on screens and phones until we can be together again. Our animal companions give us great comfort in difficult times. For the next few months many of us will be reminded every day of the deep bond between humans and animals and how much our lives are interconnected.

Front line health and social care workers, emergency services, vulnerable beneficiaries and those who are working to keep every day life together for us all deserve the greatest respect and support. Whilst Humanimal Trust does not directly support those people we are focused on a future where humans and animals benefit equitably from scientific research. The tools to help us combat future pandemics will be found in the skills and experience of researchers around the world, many of whom are collaborating, sharing and applying their knowledge as we speak to the search for tests, drugs and vaccines to fight COVID-19.

Some of the answers could lie in knowledge that can be shared between veterinary and human medical science. Many veterinary surgeons have vast experience in epidemiology and research that might help human medical doctors to find solutions more quickly – and current research into COVID-19 may ultimately benefit animals as well as humans. If ever there was a time for resources, knowledge and experience to be pooled, it is now.

Throughout this crisis, Humanimal Trust will go on with its work, connecting doctors, vets and researchers and encouraging them to share knowledge for the benefit of both humans and animals. We will do what we can to support those global efforts. Please stay connected with us. Follow our social media and visit our website for updates. We need to keep running during these difficult months, so if you can help us, we would be enormously grateful.

Stay safe and stay connected,

Thank you.