Leave a Legacy

A gift in your Will can make a huge difference to our work promoting a credible vision of hope for the future, a world where both humans and animals have better opportunities to benefit equally and at the same time from medical progress because vets, doctors and researchers routinely collaborate and share.

By learning from treating naturally occurring disease in both humans and animals instead of testing on animals, One Medicine also represents an alternative to experimental animal models which means it will eventually help make animal testing obsolete.  

By remembering Humanimal Trust in your Will, you can leave a lasting legacy to both humans and animals alike – help us save time, save money, and save lives.

Please Download our legacy guide for further details. 

If you're thinking of writing your Will, the team at Farewill can help without the need to visit a solicitor so that you can pass on your wishes when the time comes.

Humanimal Trust will not benefit financially if you use Freewill to help you write your Will and you don't have to leave a gift to us. We understand that family, friends and loved ones need to be considered first. However, should you choose to give a gift in support of One Medicine, we’d be extremely grateful.

Your gift could make a lasting positive difference to the lives of humans and animals the world over. 

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