Associate Professor Benjamin Capps Ph.D

Associate Professor Benjamin Capps

Benjamin is an Associate Professor in Clinical Ethics at Dalhousie University, Department of Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine. Prior to relocating to Canada in 2014, he was an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (2008-2014), and before that, he completed a Welcome Trust Fellowship (PhD) and Welcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship both at the University of Bristol (2000-2008).

He has qualifications in genetics (BSc), law (MA) and philosophy (PhD in Bioethics), and has taught in medical schools for 22 years at all levels. He is Chair of the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) Committee on Ethics, Law and Society.

Ben has published two books: “Addiction Neurobiology: Ethical and Social Implications” (with others; 2009; Office for Official Publications of the European Communities) and a co-edited a collection called “Contested Cells: Global Perspectives on the Stem Cell Debate” (2010; Imperial College Press). He is presently writing a book for Cambridge University Press on One Health Ethics as an emergent environmental theory (2023).

Ben’s work investigates issues relating to the nexus between applied ethics, normative theory and legal doctrine. His overall aim is to impart substantive theoretical guidance (or ethical grounding and critique) that has a professional and wider social impact.