#ICARE. We care. Do you care about human and animal health?

All humans and animals deserve access to appropriate medical treatments.

Medical advances shouldn't just be about human benefit where they could help animals too. We believe humans and animals can and should benefit from equal and sustainable medical progress, without the need for experimental animal testing. 

We drive positive change to benefit us all:

 I – Influence

We work to influence public policy and change at practice level;

C – Collaboration

We create opportunities for collaboration between human and animal medical disciplines through events and through our Humanimal Hub online platform;

A – Awareness

We drive awareness and understanding of One Medicine and its benefits;

R – Research

We fund One Medicine research that could benefit humans and animals, that doesn’t involve the use of animal testing;

E – Education

We work to inspire those who are, and who aspire to be, involved in human and animal healthcare and research, to join our community and drive the change for a fair and ethical approach to medical advancement that benefits us all.


We care about collaborating to get the very best results for all patients, regardless of their species.

We care about reciprocity - humans and animals should benefit equitably from medical progress.

We care that more needs to be done to make animal testing obsolete in both human and veterinary medicine.

We care about One Medicine.

Do you?

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