The 2.6 Campaign this Sunday: My Life in Lockdown with Animals

The 2.6 Campaign is taking place this Sunday 26 April to support UK charities following the loss of many of this year's fundraising events and activities owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To raise funds as part of the campaign, the sky really is the limit with what you can do, provided your chosen fundraising challenge or activity has some connection to 26, or 2.6 etc. and complies with current government guidelines around social distancing and exercise.

Humanimal Trust is also launching 'My Life in Lockdown with Animals' as part of the broader 2.6 Campaign, which aims to spread heartwarming and positive images of people and/or the animals in their lives during this lockdown period to help us all at this difficult time.

To take part in the 'My Life in Lockdown with Animals' 2.6 Campaign, please email a photograph (or lots of photos!) to taken since the Covid-19 crisis began, along the theme of "My Life in Lockdown with Animals" with a suggested donation of £2.60 per photo. We are creating collages of 26 photos each to share the bond that exists between humans and animals which will be shared via our social media throughout Sunday.

By submitting your photo(s) you are giving your permission for them to be shared via our website and social media platforms so please ensure you're happy for us to do so prior to sending them. Please note, only photos deemed appropriate will be used and we will do our best to use all photos submitted, however, this will depend on entries received.

Find out more details, including ideas of how you can take part to raise funds and how to make a donation to the campaign in support of Humanimal Trust.