One Medicine Symposium Programme 6 May 2021

Symposium Sessions and Overviews

The theme of each session that took place and an overview is given below.

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Founder’s Address: Professor Noel Fitzpatrick – The essence of One Medicine

Please note that this talk was pre-recorded and repeated again in the afternoon to accommodate international time zone differences and increase accessibility to as many Symposium delegates as possible.

Session One: One Community, One Goal: One Medicine

This session included the Symposium’s Keynote Talk from Helen Ballantyne, whose insights from both human and veterinary nursing addressed how we can get One Medicine concepts into practice and through to the frontline, and the critical role of nurses in this regard.

Delegates were introduced to how Humanimal Trust is making a difference in raising awareness of the One Medicine concept and provided with examples of how it can be applied to various areas of medicine, affording benefits to both humans and animals. It concluded with the Session Chair guiding a discussion and straw poll of delegates on their expectations as to how they saw opportunities for the human and veterinary professions to routinely work together.

Session Two:  One Medicine in action

This session introduced delegates to the research that Humanimal Trust has previously/is currently funding either solely or in partnership, to develop the evidence base for a One Medicine approach and how reciprocal benefits can be delivered. The Session Chair then guided questions arising from delegates on the research activity presented.

Session Three: One Medicine, One Team: How do we get human and veterinary medicine to communicate with each other?

In this session, we outlined one of the main challenges for One Medicine in how we get the human and veterinary medical professions communicating with each other. Delegates heard what can be done to bridge the gap between the professions in terms of integration, ethical barriers and from a new research institute in the USA, that is seeking to actively bridge these gaps. There was opportunity for delegates to raise questions which were then fed into the panel discussion.

Panel Discussion – How can we take One Medicine forward in a post-COVID world

A panel of doctors, vets, and researchers discussed how the human and veterinary medical professions can be better integrated with each other and the barriers to a One Medicine approach that need to be overcome.