Collaboration makes us all #StrongerTogether

Human and animal medicine is at a turning point.

Lockdowns, social distancing and financial challenges have given us all space for reflection. How do we emerge from this dark period better, more determined to make a real change for the better? COVID-19 has brought home the deep connection between human and animal health and the intense pressure for global collaboration in combatting the health threats of the future.

One Medicine offers a practical, unmissable opportunity at this time to reconnect human and animal medicine for the equitable benefit of both.

We cannot go on as we have for the last 200 years, with human and veterinary medicine sliding further and further apart, missing countless opportunities for reciprocal health benefits to both humans and animals.

While millions of animals have given their lives for human health, animals have not received the same benefits; nor has human medicine truly benefitted from the daily clinical practice of thousands of vets.

We believe a world is possible, where humans and animals benefit equally and at the same time from medical advances.

That means we’ll need fewer and fewer laboratory animal tests until one day they are obsolete. Meanwhile, Humanimal Trust will only support research that does not use experimental animal models.

Let’s give back to animals in return all that they give to us. Collaboration makes us #StrongerTogether.

Help us. Help them. Today.

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