Why does One Medicine matter?

There is significant, wide-ranging evidence that confirms most diseases on earth affect both humans and animals and that we share an overlapping collection of biological characteristics and genetic profiles.

1. Humans do not always benefit when advancements are made in veterinary science, resulting in unnecessary human suffering. We believe it is wrong that advances in veterinary science allow for animals like your domestic dog and cat to have access to advanced treatments and procedures and as such go on to live pain free, active lives, yet the same is not always made available to humans, for example, a war veteran amputee or a child with cancer? Why would we not share that knowledge to preserve and improve the lives of humans as at the same time?

dog-867238_12802. Animals do not currently get back all of the medical advances they give to humans, often suffering and sacrificing their own lives so we can advance ours with little or no reciprocal benefit. We believe it is wrong that an animal may not go on to benefit from a procedure or device or therapy or drug they were used to develop for the sole advancement of humans. Why would we not share that knowledge to preserve and improve the lives of the animals at the same time?

3. We only have a finite resource on this planet and species are becoming extinct. All ecosystems rely on each other for the future of the planet. Every species is important and plays its part in our world. The implication of losing whole groups and species for our planet is potentially catastrophic. We need to work together to preserve life and quality of life for all There is not an endless supply we can all take for granted for our own advancement.

4. We estimate that less than 1% of society as a whole has any knowledge or understanding of One Medicine and the benefits it will bring to the world. There are variations within this, but overall clarity and understanding of this subject or recognition of why it is important is very low and as a result, the unnecessary suffering for animals and humans continues.


One Medicine is the most ethical option for the next century but the changes need to start today.