PhD Funding

In October 2016 we announced our first PhD Research funding. Between 2016 – 2019, two exceptional individuals will be undertaking their PhD studies in subjects that will have a direct impact on the simultaneous advancement of both human and animal health, as part of our ACER approach in awareness, collaboration, education and research.


The two projects to be explored are in cancer and in antibiotic resistance – two highly important and current subjects for the future of both human and animal medicine and aligned with our five highlighted areas of focus as a charity.

Funding PhD’s is a significant commitment for The Humanimal Trust and the potential impact for our cause cannot be underestimated. This project is the first step into the research arena for The Humanimal Trust, a core element in our ACER approach. Furthermore, these individuals will become our greatest One Medicine advocates, by raising awareness of our work and initiating collaboration of veterinary and medical professionals through their chosen research partners.

Their research work over the three – six years will open many eyes to the possibilities in the advancement of cancer treatment and the increasing challenge of antibiotic resistance for all species.

LOOKING AHEAD: We aim to extend an invitation for new PhD funding applications in early 2018.