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Our Approach

Our four strategic objectives are intrinsically linked with no one element being more or less important than the others


Inspires hearts and minds. Engages people on our journey. Creates desire and demonstrates the need for change. Generates champions and advocates of our cause.


Without the collaboration of veterinary and medical professionals, effort is wasted and there are unnecessary delays in progress. It is only by working together that advance can benefit all. We drive collaboration of professionals to work together, remove barriers, share experience and knowledge. United we are powerful. One Voice, One Medicine.


Inspires the next generation to take the One Medicine message forward for the benefit of our children and the animals of the future.


We are only just understanding the complex interactions between animal and human diseases, the similarities between them and the opportunities for treating both as One Medicine. The research will give society the evidence to make One Medicine a reality together with the knowledge and skills to make it possible.