The Humanimal Trust is delighted to be collaborating with the NSpine Conference to create a platform for One Medicine discussions

Alongside Founder, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, The Humanimal Trust is proud to be collaborating with NSpine to deliver the dedicated veterinary stream and are inviting members of the veterinary profession to attend the conference alongside their medical counterparts to share ideas and experiences with leading clinicians in the veterinary field.

NSpine was founded in 2012 to supplement the already established academic congresses with a meeting which has a stronger emphasis on clinical problem solving and technical surgical proficiency. The four-day conference is committed to comprehensively covering the entire range of spinal conditions relevant to all health care professionals.

The VetSpine stream is embedded in the main conference and runs in parallel with other clinical sessions allowing vet and human surgeons to move freely between the streams and exchange information. The veterinary session has been amongst the highlights of the event in previous years, with immensely stimulating discussions taking place on the surgical management of various spinal conditions encountered in the veterinary world.

The mission of The Humanimal Trust is to be pro-active catalysts that inspire and enable professional, academics, policy makers, regulators and the general public to embrace One Medicine. We aim to reduce, refine and replace animal testing and to promote reciprocity between professions for the benefit of humans and animals simultaneously. We study disease of relevance to both at the clinical coalesce and apply lessons learned through awareness, collaboration and education.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick said:

The VetSpine sessions have been carefully designed to be of relevance to ALL spinal health practitioners, vets and doctors, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to spark debate and conversations that truly will bring One Medicine to the fore.

We are excited to be collaborating with NSpine to deliver lectures that will promote discussions and explore the middle ground for One Medicine. We look forward to building a close collaboration where all parties can learn from one another.

Veterinary delegates will have full access to the entire event and the industrial exhibition. To find out more about the programme and to book your place please visit:

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