Founder Professor Noel Fitzpatrick at Royal Society of Medicine in London

Sharing the vision at the Royal Society of Medicine in London with ORUK

On 1st December 2016, our founder Professor Noel Fitzpatrick took to the stage at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, sharing the vision of The Humanimal Trust with members of Orthopaedic Research UK at their prestigious annual Christmas event.

Human orthopaedic professionals and students gathered to hear Noel talk about the similarities between humans and animals, the physiological likenesses and the emotional bonds. He went on to discuss the core principle of our cause, that as well as these fundamental crossovers, humans and animals should share medicine too.

The response from the audience was incredibly encouraging and a spark was lit in the hearts and minds of many in attendance to take the message forward and explore it further.

It is through events like this that the charity makes real progressĀ in raising awareness for One Medicine. We hope to have many more opportunities where we can reach out to more professionals in 2017.

If you would like to know more about this event and what the audience took away from it a film of the event will be released soon on our website

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