Building blocks for the future

Building blocks for the future

The Humanimal Trust announces funding to inspire a generation and break new ground in One Medicine

In an exciting new investment, The Humanimal Trust are delighted to inform its supporters that it is now funding two PhD students at the University of Surrey with a third planned in late 2017.

Between 2016 – 2019, two exceptional individuals will be undertaking their PhD studies in subjects that will have direct impact on the simultaneous advancement of both human and animal health, as part of our ACER approach in awareness, collaboration, education and research.

Earlier this year we set out on a mission to find the person who would become our One Medicine champion, with a strong belief in our mission and aims, looking for an opportunity to channel that belief into through their own research PhD.

Though initially setting out to find one such candidate, the standard of applicants was so high and the opportunity for One Medicine advances through these individuals so great, that we decided to extend our funding to a second student covering two subjects directly relevant to exploring and promoting One Medicine. A third candidate has also been identified to join this exciting new venture in October 2017.

The two projects to be explored are in cancer and in antibiotic resistance – two highly important and current subjects for the future of both human and animal medicine and aligned with our five highlighted areas of focus as a charity.

Funding PhD’s is a significant commitment for The Humanimal Trust and the potential impact for our cause cannot be underestimated. This project is the first step into the research arena for The Humanimal Trust, a core element in our ACER approach. Furthermore, these individuals will become our greatest One Medicine advocates, by raising awareness of our work and initiating collaboration of veterinary and medical professionals through their chosen research partners.

Their research work over the three – six years will open many eyes to the possibilities in the advancement of cancer treatment and the increasing challenge of antibiotic resistance for all species.

We look forward to introducing our One Medicine PhD champions to you and sharing their work and progress on our journey towards a fairer society.

This significant investment from The Humanimal Trust is a six-year commitment and is only possible with the ongoing belief of our supporters, the hard work of our fundraisers and the generosity of our donors.

We can only deliver this great work with your continued belief and support.


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