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Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

founded The Humanimal Trust in 2014.

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This landmark charity aims to spearhead cross-collaboration at the clinical coal face for the betterment of both humans and animals.

One Medicine will cure human disease faster and end unnecessary suffering for animals

At present, advancements in medical science that could benefit species take place independently with little sharing of knowledge or information, delaying progress. The Humanimal Trust will facilitate the cross-pollination of expertise and ideas between human and animal medicine, finding disease solutions faster, encompassing respect and fairness within both professions and across society.


The Humanimal Trust aims to become the catalyst for reciprocity of effort between human and veterinary medicine by studying disease of relevance to both in musculoskeletal, neurologic and oncologic disease as well as infection and regenerative medicine, at the clinical coalface, and apply the lessons learnt through increased awareness, proactive collaboration and investment in education.


One Problem. One Solution. One Medicine for humans and animals

“I believe that there is only one rational route forward for both animal and human medicine and that is by working together. This is ‘One Medicine.’ After all; a cancer cell doesn’t care if you are a Labrador or a human. Medical science for all species should move forward together. I have committed my entire professional life and everything I stand for to this goal. The future of our children and the planet they inherit depends on what we do right now.”


As a surgeon who operates on humans, I know first-hand how many of the modern advances available to our patients have come as the result of the experimentation and testing of surgical techniques and implants in animals. Humans have benefited hugely from this and are undoubtedly better off as a result. The flow of information and experience in the reverse direction from human experience to enhance the care of animals is a natural progression in a caring society. Collaboration between the care givers in human and veterinary medicine should be seen as an opportunity to enhance each other’s knowledge and to improve care across both professions

Mr Mike Uglow MBBS

FRCS(Tr&Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
The University Hospital Southampton.