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We are a charity with the global aspiration of providing a better and more sustainable solution for the delivery of drugs and implants to treat human and animal medicine

This is One Medicine

With One Medicine we aim to inform the solutions to disease and save the lives of animals we love and in so doing treat human disease and save human lives too, so that all species win, not just one at the expense of the other.

We are committed to Reduce, Refine and Replace animal experiments with Reciprocity – which means that we only sponsor research that helps animals with naturally occurring disease, not through the use of experimental models.

We want to create a community of compassion where all people who believe that animals have the right to a voice and a fair deal can become part of a revolution for good which will make the world a better and more caring place.

One Problem. One Solution. One Medicine.


As a surgeon who operates on humans, I know first-hand how many of the modern advances available to our patients have come as the result of the experimentation and testing of surgical techniques and implants in animals. Humans have benefited hugely from this and are undoubtedly better off as a result. The flow of information and experience in the reverse direction from human experience to enhance the care of animals is a natural progression in a caring society. Collaboration between the care givers in human and veterinary medicine should be seen as an opportunity to enhance each other’s knowledge and to improve care across both professions

Mr Mike Uglow MBBS

FRCS(Tr&Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
The University Hospital Southampton.